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Time & Expense Management Software

Create, Edit, Assign, and Track Tasks of Team Members. Maintain and Search Your Day-To-Day Task Activities in Easy to Track Timesheets.

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Time Tracking Software

QuickStart Admin help you to become an efficient manager that has complete control over its employee's time and expenses that are incurred during the entire course of your project. To ensure you skillfully manage the time and expense in your company, you need to make a smart move towards cloud technology and access the effortless management of time and expense anytime from anywhere.

Employee Time Entry:

Management is crucial whether you want to know how much time your employee is investing in a particular project, or you want to whether the employee is competent enough in the assigned task. This feature allows you to track the real-time efficiency of an employee with ease.

time and expense management software

Employee Task Assignment:

You can access all the information about your employee's engagement schedule, project, and the current status of the work done till the point of time with this feature.

time management software

Expense Log:

As a business person, you want to know the details of every expense incurred during the complete course of the project, which reflects the profitability ratio of your undertaken project. We prove you an intuitive interface that helps you keep track of your expenses with the advance feature where you can attach the receipts and that too in multiple currencies to fully enjoy the autonomy of expense management and control.

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Key Features of Our Time & Expanse Management Software

QuickStart Admin is a feature-rich and functionally advanced software system that businesses can use to manage the time and expanses of their clients and employees.
Advanced Technology

Categories your expenses using advanced technology:

Time and Expense Management Software automatically maps and categories attached receipt images and groups them accordingly under particular expenses head.


Streamline with accuracy:

Streamlining of time and expense management is easy and fast with high accuracy.



Protection of employee’s personal data is crucial. They share used credit card numbers for reimbursement, and QSA as your Management Software developer makes sure that data goes in safe hands by making its accessibility to only trusted sources.

one stop solution

One-Stop solution:

Time and Expense Management Software is a one-stop solution for professionals working in the accounting domain, like CPAs- both Employer and Employee, Accountant, and Contractor.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Use of Artificial Intelligence:

AI is able to perform analyses of a large volume of data related to expenses incurred and detect the errors present in the submitted sheets. Thus assurance of utmost accuracy is there.


Fast Reimbursement:

Reimbursement to employees is made with ease and without any annoyance using QSA’s software.

Transparency and control over expenses

Transparency and control over expenses:

Software facilitates the transparency of expense strategies and policies you follow for your employees, investors, managers, and customers and allows you to prevent any overspending along with having control over unauthorized reimbursement.

Workflow to assure the approval structure

Workflow to assure the approval structure:

Many expenses are needed to get approval from the reporting manager or an authority heading the department; thus, workflow ensures the employee's request is channelized in the right path.