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Time & Expense Management Software

Create, Edit, Assign, and Track Tasks of Team Members. Maintain and Search Your Day-To-Day Task Activities in Easy to Track Timesheets.

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For any of the MNC’s, employee time & expense management is a challenging task. It is most necessary to effectively manage the client's and employees' daily assignments and duties to lead their performance on a progressive and productive path. To overcome this headache, we have developed a hi-tech employee time & expense management software after keeping in mind the employee satisfaction and management efficiency both. If you move from a medium-to-large business, you surely will come to know how complex it is to keep track of employee time management system parallel to their expense management system. To overcome this headache, we have developed an employee time and expense management software where the users will be permitted to completely manage their employee's time and expenses remotely anytime from anywhere.

Time Entry

Add new/edit time entry by date, project, and task type. Submit to your manager. It makes easier to track the current activity of team members on their assigned tasks for any projects.

time and expense management software

Expense Log

Add new/edit expense entry by date, project name, expense type, cost, and description with an option to attach receipt images with entry.

time management software

Filter Log

Choose between day, week or month, and filter your schedule.

expense management software

Time & Expense Management Software | System

To facilitate the organization managers with the easy to use and effective employee time and expense management services, we have developed an extra proficient employee expense management software that will keep you updated about the entire information of your employee's time and expenses.

  • Generate and manage expense codes on the basis of contracts with your client.
  • Define tax formulas to automatically calculate payable tax amounts.
  • Set up expenses to be rate-based or flat amounts.
  • For accurate tracking, it manages exchange rate and multiple currencies.
  • Setup project specific expenses such as meals, travel, flight, hotel, and much more.
  • Easily compare the actual expenses to the initial estimates after its tracking.
  • Manage and track the expense allowances by projects.
  • Get real-time visibility into compensable and project expenses.
  • For meeting the organization’s reporting needs, configure the reports.
  • Generate instantly approval workflows to meet your business needs.
  • Ensure timely approvals and submission with notifications and alerts.