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File Repository Software

QuickStart admin in-built document management system allows user to track, manage, and store document in a cloud environment from anywhere, by any device, at any time.

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File Repository Software System To Safeguard Your Online Data

Management of scattered documents and files is a common issue a lot of organizations struggle with, as it involves a tremendous amount of time to manage documents and files ingeniously. Along with manual labor, it requires the need for ample space to store documents safely and securely.

QuickStart Admin software allows an organization to manage documents and files in a seamlessly integrated way. The restrictive access feature provides only relevant access to an employee, depending on his or her position of authority and level of assigned duties; thus, files and documents are managed in an organized way and access is restricted only to authorized individuals. Automation results in an organized manner and facilitates the efficient functioning of a business, its workflows, and its operations. A mechanized file repository system serves as an infrastructure for the enhanced productivity of the business.

Exclusive Features of Our File Repository Software
  • Efficiently manages the life cycle of users’ created files and documents.
  • The software manages the specially formatted files effectively.
  • The file categories feature allows the user to perform high-speed searching of a large number of files and documents, along with creating a storage category for an organization’s employee usage.
  • The automated software feature provides a safe accessing platform from various devices and the network. The user also can upload files and documents remotely using cloud technology.
  • The software is capable of managing versions and archiving all relevant data.
  • Online file repository software automates workflow and business processes.

File Categories

An organization administrator can create and manage file storage categories for its employees to follow.

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File Upload

QuickStart admin allows user to create file folders according to their needs, upload and manage their files in a secure and easy to access place.

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Key Features of Online File Management Software System

Online file repository software is the easiest way to manage your digital assets in the cloud. The robust architecture of software benefits teams to allow them to quickly find the right files, distribute content to a variety of channels, and collaborate with real-time edits and approvals.
Advanced Technology

Robust Architecture

QSA has a robust architecture that allows the team to work efficiently by finding the right files and makes the process of content channelization hassle-free.


Deploy What Your Business Needs

Enhanced productivity is a goal of every business, and maintaining the workplace environment, which is user-friendly and growing, is in the interest of every employee. Thus, bringing in the innovativeness and technology advancement of the online file repository system, a user is able to determine what his or her business needs are.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Seamless Integration

The use of cloud mechanism in its inbuilt technology makes the process of file management effective. The system ensures that users are able to manage digital and physical life-cycle of documents adroitly, eliminating any inconvenience.


Green Initiative

Maintenance of every file, document, and content safely can be an arduous task, and requires a considerable amount of space; thus, the need to become a part of digital advancement by utilizing an online file repository system is a must for any organization and the paperless management of documents makes Quickstart Admin software a unique suite of software, helping to reduce the need of having to store paper files.