Law/ Legal Practice Management Software System

QSA is a powerful software solution that legal professionals and law firms can use to automating their daily life tasks and practices.

Law Practice Management Software

Law Practice Management Software

By switching to QuickstartAdmin, lawyers and law firms can regulate complex tasks from the QSA Dashboard. It streamlines law professionals' daily operations and effectively manages documents, clients, schedules, records, and appointments. QSA helps to enhance your operations by providing an all-in-one software suite that helps professionals focus on the productive areas of practice. Rather than emphasizing their energy and time on manually managing the various aspects related to management and operations.

Our R&D team has closely analyzed the complexities of the legal sphere. After in-depth research, they have developed the QSA law practice management software that helps law firms comprehensively deal with existing issues effectively and ensure skillful management of each aspect of a law firm. QSA has an easy-to-use interface and provides an affordable solution to manage your clients, meetings, and finances efficiently.

Law Practice Management Software, You Can Count On

The unique set of features provided by QSA makes it a perfect law practice management platform for law firms and legal professionals. It aims to address every specific need of a law firm.

Client Management

Client Management

QSA provides a single window to keep all the clients' information- their schedule, date of appointment, specific requirements requested from a client’s end, and payments are stored and managed.

Time and Expense Management

Working - Hours

For each firm, it is crucial to keep track of employees’ time and billable hours. With QSA, you can view complete reports on the working hours spent on various client projects.



QuickstartAdmin's feature allows firms and attorneys to generate automated bills and utilize a professional bill and invoice creation approach. Users can customize the invoice and receive payments online.

Task Management

Task Management

Using QSA, law firms and attorneys can keep track of their scheduled tasks and efficiently manage their upcoming missions. With QSA, you will never miss any case’s deadlines or schedules.


Structured Reporting

Our innovative reporting tool helps create multiple insightful reports, store and track all reports efficiently. These reports help firms can check their real-time position and status of the client's work progress.

Secured Data

Secured Data

QSA provides a file repository where all cases related data can be uploaded at a single platform and managed collaboratively. Only the authorized user can access these files, documents, and case details.

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QuickstartAdmin is a comprehensive suite of tools that efficiently manage your professional practice's day-to-day operations. This cloud-based system provides remote tracking capabilities, so you can monitor your practice from anywhere across the globe and can hire the best professionals. With our easy-to-use dashboard and multi-user support which help increase the overall productivity of your business. QSA helps you keep track of employee tasks, total expenses incurred, manage your clients and schedules and also keep a watch on real-time project updates.