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Law/ Legal Practice Management Software

QSA is a powerful software solution that legal professionals and law firms can use to automating their daily life tasks and practices.

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A Perfect Legal Practice Management Software For Law Firms | Attorneys

QuickStart Admin is a law software solution that helps to make the professional life of attorneys and law firms more manageable. The suite streamlines daily operations of law professionals and effectively manages all aspects of a law firm like documents, clients, schedules, records, appointments, report generation, and accounting. QSA helps to transform the entire way a law firm operates by providing an all-in-one software suite that assists professionals to focus on the productive areas of practice rather than emphasizing the energy and time on manually managing the various aspects related to management and operations.

The experts of our R&D team have analyzed the complexities of legal sphere, and after in-depth research, they have developed practice management software that helps law firms to comprehensively deal with existing issues in the most effective way and ensure the skillful management of every aspect by utilizing our software’s robust features. QSA has an easy-to-use interface and provides an affordable solution for billing, reporting, time and expense management, client management, document assembly, and case management, and task management.

A Law Practice Management Software, You Can Rely On

QSA has a unique set of features that makes it a perfect practice management platform for law firms and legal professionals. The powerful features are aimed to address every specific need of a law firm.

Client Management

Every firm wants to manage their clients in the most effective way and to ensure this task, the software suite provides an intuitive interface where all the information related to the client- his or her schedule, date of appointment, the specific requirements requested from a client’s end, and payment-related information is stored and managed. Thus, it helps the firm to access every piece of information on this collaborative platform.



Quickstart Admin’s feature allows firms and attorneys to generate automated bills and utilize a professional approach in the bill and invoice creation. A firm can customize the invoice and send it to clients instantaneously without any hassle. The use of cloud mechanisms makes the task of bill generation easy, accurate, and instantaneous using the remote access feature, which allows the user to instantly generate the invoice at any point of time and from anywhere.



The use of business intelligence in QSA’s in-built technology makes the process of reporting easy and accurate. Thus, a user can create multiple insightful reports on this platform along with easily maintaining records of all generated reports in an organized manner. The user can create, store, and track all reports on this collaborative platform with efficiency. Thus, a firm can check its real-time position and status of the client’s schedule progress anytime whenever the need arises.


Time and Expense Management

For every firm, it is crucial to keep track of employees’ time and billable hours. This task helps to make an informative decision based on prior client history. The feature enables the firm to put a check and stop to unauthorized expenses, thus ensuring the adoption of a fair practice approach. The transparent expense strategy helps to attain employee and client satisfaction and results in ensuring higher client retention.


Task Management

Using the robust features of task management, law firms and attorneys can keep track of their task schedules and can efficiently schedule their upcoming tasks. Understanding the crucial role of task scheduling in the legal scenario, QSA has developed a task management feature that helps to organize every task proficiently without missing any case’s deadlines, schedules, and helps to manage updates related to any judgment on which the firm is currently working.


Document Assembly and Case Management

Every law firm and attorney needs to effectively manage their case histories along with the management of crucial details related to prior judgments. Thus, to manage cases in an organized manner, QSA provides an innovative platform where all cases can be managed in a collaborative way along with the storage and management of every decisive detail that matters to them. The user can access the needed files, documents, and case details in just a single click.