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HR Practice Management Software

Businesses can efficiently manage their HR department from a single dashboard. You can also track time, expenses, records, accounts payables, and receivables.

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A Perfect Human Resource Practice Management Software System

QuickStart Admin is an intuitive, easy-to-use, affordable recruitment platform. The software suite improves effectiveness and efficiency in recruiting by combining best practices, team collaboration, and analytics. The software allows you to get instant access to all the information you require from your HR department team players to make the right hiring decision.

The cloud-based practice management software offers complete employee records, attendance, leave management, compensation and succession planning, performance management, and reporting. With the most comprehensive set of features for your HR strategy and needs, QSA is a one-stop solution. The solution helps you to arm your department with HR metrics and insights on your recruitment process and empowers you to make smarter decisions. The solution provides you with intelligent commendations on actions to improve your candidate experience. The software automates your HR processes and saves time and headspace to ensures you focus on what matters for your organization: your people and their growth.

Key Features of Online HR Practice Management Software

The insights about the unique and comprehensive feature make you feel about the smart choice you make by choosing QSA as your HR practice management software.
Employee Record Management

Employee Record Management

The feature allows you to create an in-detail record of your employees, including employees’ details, previous experiences records, academic credentials, documents, etc. The software helps to manage all the essential records of the employee on this comprehensive platform. The authorized person can access details of any employee at any point in time using this intuitive feature.


Compensation and Succession Planning

The role of the HR department is comprehensive, and designing the compensation structure is one of the key functions of this department. But the undeniable fact is developing compensation and succession structure is very complex. For reducing the intricacies of payroll development, the software empowers the HR and department team players to use the unique tools of QSA and develop effective payroll structures and follow smooth payment procedures within the organization.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management

The chaotic task of maintaining attendance of every employee is managed effortlessly used the software. The feature allows the employees to manage their in and out time using the QSA solution.


Performance Management

For every firm, it is crucial to keep track of employees’ time and billable hours. The task helps to make an informative decision based on prior client history. The feature enables the firm to put a check on unauthorized expenses, thus ensuring the adoption of a fair practice approach. The transparent expense strategy helps to attain employee and client satisfaction and results in ensuring higher client retention.

Leave Management

Leave Management

Making the employees of your organization get well acquainted with the PTO policy is an essential task of the HR department. The cloud-based software makes sure that every employee is compliant with organizations adopted leave policy by following the workflow in the management of leave policies. An employee can generate leave requests at any point in time, which is directed to his designated officer, and after that, the employee can track the status of generated leave.



The software is developed by keeping the importance of time for both employee and employer in mind. Therefore, the suite has a robust feature of reporting that allows the user to generate a comprehensive report at any point of time and maintains a detailed record of the reports to make the accessibility easy, quick and effortless.