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IT Consulting Practice Management Software

A one-stop practice management software system for IT consultants and IT Firms to help them efficiently achieve their business goals.

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A Perfect IT Consulting Practice Management Software For Consultants | IT Firms

IT consulting business is dynamic, and the ever-changing role strives for the new tools that help to enhance the efficiency of business along with the improvement in business processes. Consultancy services are all about making the right move at the right point of time, and to ensure this, the need for the right

practice management software for IT consultant

is necessary.

The dynamic role of IT consultancy needs to opt for the suite of software that provides an efficient and all-in-one solution for its diverse departments. Instead of having one solution for each function that IT Consultancy performs, the firms require to have a suite of software that addresses all the needs of the firm. QuickStart Admin is a robust

IT consultancy practice management software

suite that provides advanced technology solutions catering to all the needs of IT firms and Industry professionals.

An IT Consultancy Practice Management Software, You Can Collaborate With

QSA serves an extensive range of features that address the need of every existing department of an IT Industry and helps the management to focus on the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the business to ensure the attainment of enhanced productivity.
Advanced Technology

Proposal Development

QSA serves as a unique suite to create comprehensive proposals. It facilitates the users with a customizable template feature. The feature has an in-depth commenting system that allows the user’s clients to mention any comment or particular remark as per their needs. The proposal development feature streamlines the entire process of proposal development, comprehensively covering from starting step to end step. The feature facilitates you to create visual designs in your proposal, thus making your proposal more effective and approachable.



The feature allows the user to get all insights related to the projects and clients at a glance. The effective approach eases the process to get all the required insights of information that matters for the users. QSA empowers its users to have comprehensive information about the actions the firm is performing or has performed along with keeping a real-time track of every department and employee by using this platform.


Multiple Users

The multiple-users feature helps the user to create a collaborative platform for his team-players to access the current functioning projects and various other features related to multiple departments to work seamlessly on this integrative suite, thus helping to establish a robust working environment for everyone.

Project Management

Project Management

QuickStart Admin helps the IT consulting firms to boost the productivity of business with its powerful project management feature that assists the users in getting detailed insights into his project at a single place. The cloud mechanism of QSA creates a visually intuitive interface for the users to manage their projects effectively with the utmost ease. The software delivers the assurance to its clients to enjoy the maximum output by being well informed about every insight of their project, which can make a difference for them.


Time and Expense Management

For an IT consultancy firm, it is crucial to keep track of employees’ time and billable hours. The task helps to make an informative decision based on prior client history. The feature enables the firm to put a check on unauthorized expenses, thus ensuring the adoption of a fair practice approach. The transparent expense strategy helps to attain employee and client satisfaction and results in ensuring higher client retention.

Transparency and control over expenses

Live Assistance

The team of top-notch engineers is always available 24/7 for providing any technical supports required by the user. Thus our user can seek guidance at any step of usage. Our expert team of live assistance support system empowers the user with swift assistance to ensure their business is managed effectively and efficiently.