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Event Management

QuickStart admin in-built calendar and event manager allows you to upload and manage organization calendar, meeting, conference, and get-together information’s, which can be shared privately/publically.

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As the members of an organization, the employees use different sheets for managing their daily basis task and events. Sometimes they forget to complete any task on time just because of missing it up from its mind. But now this will not happen again, as the QuickStart Admin’s event manager and inbuilt calendar facilitate you to manage and upload enterprise meetings, calendar, conference and get-together details in a single system or software that can be accessible by the members of the organization.

View Calendar/Events

Master calendar at user dashboard allows them to stay up-to-date with organization upcoming/archived events. Search and view events by month, date, day, and year.

event management software

Add Event

Simple and user-friendly interface allows organization's administrator to add event with event title, description, venue location, type, and timing with event color. Event can be share publically/ privately with team member.

event management system