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Leave Management Software System

QuickStart Admins helps organizations in managing holiday calendar and employee leaves automatically. Fill up an online leave request form for making leave request to your manager and get notified about leave approval/rejection by email.

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Leave Management software

that provides a technologically advanced solution to ensure your employee's real-time efficiency by keeping an automated record of leaves- that are accrued and availed till the present date using cloud-based technology. Leave management is decisive for both an employee and an employer. Being a significant aspect of HR management, leave management has a direct impact on every organization's bottom line. Untracked time-off practices and traditional manual practices to track leaves can result in an insufficient workforce, dissatisfaction in employees, a drop in productivity, missing deadlines, and can even spike turnover of employees.

Thus, in the digitally advanced world, an organization needs to be technology savvy to save time, efforts of the management department and to ensure that its employees are well acquainted with PTO policies and are complying with them competently. User-friendly software helps the employees to make the optimum utilization of their time. Every employee loves to work in an environment where polices are well framed and transparent and liberates them from any unproductive schedule. Our online

leave management system

helps to integrate the tasks of - employee’s compliance with the organization's strategy and seamless leave workflow management so that employees could focus on the productive areas of their work.

New Leave Request

This feature helps the employees to request fresh leave any time, as per their needs. With just filling the details - start and end period of the leave, type of vacation with specifying the reason an employee can generate a leave request. Leave management system will direct the leave request to the designated manager, and the employee can know the status of approval or reject through the dashboard of its software along with receiving an email on their linked email id.

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Issue Leave

The manager can approve or reject the applied leave of employees by filling the issue leave form with specifying which employee's leave is approved, along with mentioning the specific number of days for which the leaves are issued.

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Holiday Calendar

This feature comprises the attached holiday calendar with a list of complete holidays present in the annual year that an employee can avail. The administrator of the organization is authorized to access this feature and make needful changes in it. Rest employees can access it and check the upcoming list of holidays for scheduling their plan and strategy accordingly.

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Why You Should Go For Our Leave Management Software?

Manually managing the employee leave and attendance system is always a hectic task. Using the QSA, all these leave management operations can be automated and managed from a single dashboard.
Advanced Technology

Time and Cost Efficiency

Time and Expense Management Software automatically maps and categories attached receipt images and groups them accordingly under particular expenses head.


Technology Savvy

The use of cloud-based technology in online leave management software makes the process of leave management easier and user-friendly for employers and employees with an intuitive interface approach.


Remote Accessibility:

Remote accessibility serves as a cherry on the top of the cake for the users of our software. Designated authority and employee can upload/check the status using remote accessibility features of the software.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Streamlines the Leave Management Process

QSA helps in streamlining the process of leave management that offers you an opportunity to tackle multiple tasks in a single stroke with effective workforce planning.



The user of the software can keep a track of the total number of accrued and availed leaves, along with the list of upcoming holidays on the dashboard feature of the software and can plan their schedule accordingly.

Transparency and control over expenses


The feature of workflow helps the administration and HR department to maintain employee’s leave approval workflow and helps to get the insights of employee’s compliance with the PTO policies.