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Federal Contract Management Software for Government Contractors

If your company does business with agencies that require DCAA compliance, then your worries are over because QuickStart Admin Software helps your organization meet those requirements.

QuickStart Admin offers a robust labor management system for any contractor that serves the U.S. Department of Defense. Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliance can be met only through detailed labor and cost center tracking. QuickStart Admin automates the costly process of capturing and reporting contract-specific data and provides critical supporting documentation for DCAA audits. Our customers report that QuickStart Admin has passed numerous audits without exceptions.

According to 5-900 - Section 9 of the DCAA Contract Audit Manual (Vol. 1), defense contractors must have labor systems with the following internal controls:

Time & Expenses Management

No more manual and handwritten card. Add/edit/review daily task timesheet and billing expenses from any location, using any device, in real-time.

Client Management

Client's detail on your fingertips. Keep track of contract and billing information for all clients in a safe and secure environment.

Project Management

Your team under one roof. Store and manage projects information, employee staffing, and performance at one go. Easy and quick access to assigned tasks and projects status.

Client Schedule Management

Schedule multiple employees to multiple days and tasks in just one click. Notify employees of their schedule by email.

Leave Management

Manager get notified when employee makes a leave request. Approve/reject it and employee are alerted.


Generate manual invoices with or without time and expenses.


No need to carry data. Store and access files in a cloud anywhere, at anytime. Secure data from viruses and computer crashes.

Event Management

Master event and agenda calendar to notify employees with an upcoming events.

Live Chat

Easy to use chat interface for communicating with team members and co-workers.


Improves organization management. In just one click, send notification to all employee's dashboard.


Generate simple and complex business insight reports for analyzing employee work status and business progress.

File Sharing

Tired of sharing files by email attachment.Try QuickStart admin single-click file sharing interface for collaborating with co-workers.

Assets Management

Hassle free tracking of an organization assets with quick searching capabilities.

Attendance Management

Seamless integration with biometric attendance system. Sync employee attendance with timesheet. Reduce cost and time.