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Cloud-Based Technology

One-stop solution for CPAs, with innovative features, ensures that the clients stay competitive in the digital age by eliminating paper-work.

Increase Efficiency
Remote Accessibility

QuickStart Admin is user-friendly, and clients can remotely access an exclusive range of features from anywhere, anytime.

Real-Time Project Tracking

You can keep an eye on the project's real-time status and forecast related decisions, and check on employee efficiency.

Track Financial Status

QuickStart admin allows you to track your real-time financial position and bring in the features of monetary control.

Know Your Strengths

Know the areas of competencies of your team to ensure assigning the appropriate task to the associated person at the right time.

Live Assistance

Our duty does not end with delivering you the customized solutions; we assist you 24/7 by keeping you at the top of priority.

Cloud-Based Practice Management Software

QuickStart Admin is an advanced technological suite of practice management software that empowers you to manage your entire business innovatively. The features of our software enable you to manage your team- efficiently and effectively, client’s data and finances using cloud-based technology. We provide a one-stop solution for project management, consolidated databases, and streamlining of the workflow. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, we are making our clients to productively focus on the key areas of their projects, its pace of development and efficiency of their team players by being visually empowered.

Features of Practice Management Software

To assist our clients with innovative business management measures, we have integrated a vast range of features in QSA's suite that creates an intuitive interface and is user-friendly.

Time & Expense Management

Maintaining the trajectory of your employee's efficiency as per the time invested in a particular project is crucial for management. We ensure our client is not entangled with the chaotic task of managing every receipt of incurred expenses. Our client can effortlessly keep an eye on costs incurred and control them.

  • Cut down on needless expenses
  • Improved transparency
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Strengthen compliance & accountability
  • Enhance employee satisfaction & morale
  • Save productive hours
  • Fast Reimbursement

Asset Management

To ensure your crucial assets' proficient management, we have integrated this feature to help you manage assets effortlessly without jeopardize. The days are gone when people rely on on-pager records; QSA will digitalize the entire asset management lifecycle by automated management from a single dashboard.

  • Real-time Information
  • Real-time Asset Tracking
  • Monitor Asset Changes
  • See Where Assets Are
  • See who’s Using Assets
  • Track Equipment Maintenance

Automated Billing

We value the importance of your time. To make billing easy and painless, we have incorporated the automated billing feature in our practice management software suite. The billable hours and expenses are automatically added and customized in one integrated platform to make the utmost use of your crucial time to be invested in developing your business.

  • Recurring invoicing
  • Dunning management
  • Data management
  • Subscription plan changes
  • Revenue recognition

Customer Relationship Management

QuickStart Admin provides you with an extra edge by integrating dominant features empowering strong relationships with your clients. This feature follows a customer-centric approach and creates a platform for building strong data governance and maintaining a quality assured infrastructure. We ensure our clients access to integrated and quality data.

  • A unified view of clients
  • Client life cycle and segmentation
  • Progress toward enterprise goals
  • Online Documentation library
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Communication and collaboration tools for better follow-ups.

Leave management

QuickStart Admin provides you an online time-off manager that enables you to have an automated PTO calculation. One can be made aware of the company's PTO policy and accrued leaves as per the employee's hiring date.

  • Reduce payroll errors
  • Leave policies like how you want
  • Empower employees with self-service
  • Keep a tab on all unplanned leaves.
  • Improve employee remuneration with mobile compatibility
  • Advance decision making with automated reports and dashboards

Online Reporting

QuickStart Admin creates a digital workplace and makes an intuitive interface for our clients to keep them informed precisely about the billable hours of work, their employees' efficiency, and to have detailed knowledge about the profitability of undertaken projects.

  • All-in-one dashboard
  • Easily generate reports online.
  • Create online reports using drag & drop
  • Share reports with your team
  • Apply robust filters & functions
  • Supports local, remote, or cloud data

Project Management

Project management is crucial and complicated too. This feature helps the users to get a glimpse of the project's performance. Our clients are assured of the accurate pace of implementation at which task is being accomplished, financial investments made in a particular project till the point of time, and forecasting related decisions needed to be made.

  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Team collaboration
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reporting
  • Project budgeting
  • Billing & quotes

All-in-One Dashboard

Maintaining the pace of technological advancement is an art, and you need to be an expert in that. From the dashboard, you can manage the business’s key performance indicators (KPI’s) as per your choice, need, and priority. Users can also customize their dashboard as per the needs, and you can improve the project’s real-time visibility.

  • Agility for decision-makers
  • Avoid redundant reports
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Less IT involvement
  • Monitor Everything

How QuickStart Admin Works?

Benefits of Adopting Online Practice Management System
  • All-in-one Dashboard – Design your dashboard as per your specific requirements. We provide efficiently integrable dashboards that the admin, employee, and clients can access to analyze their work progress.
  • Real-time tracking – Admin can monitor the status of projects and the work performed by employees in real-time. This lets the managers gain better control over the project and facilitate on-time delivery of work.
  • Paperless – Quick Start practice management software enables users to work remotely via a cloud-based server, which can be accessed from any device, be it a mobile, desktop, or laptop. So the employees can work remotely from anywhere without being present at the office.
  • Automated billing – Our software comes integrated with a secured payment gateway, which holds the client's card on the system. Once the project work is completed, and the project is delivered to the client, the card's payments are processed. Also, the bill is raised and issued to the client.
  • Enhanced Security – We believe it is an integral part of the business to safeguard the client's details and data, and also, the internal communication between employees is secured. We implement the right cybersecurity features to prevent hacking and or data breaches in our software.
  • Single Click Proposal Request – Easy integration on your website helps your clients reach you with just a single click. We help provide reminders via phone, email, or text to decrease the no-show cases along with the easy appointment.


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