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Project Management

QuickStart admin comes with a simple user interface to store information about all projects of each and every client.

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For the successful and on-time delivery of projects in a proficient and quick response, project management in a highly advanced approach is necessary. More smarty the organization manages its projects, better they will be able to produce the results. As a result, able to achieve client’s satisfaction which automatically results in business growth. For an industry that is employing hundreds of projects under process, it is a complex that to proficiently manage the projects. To solve this headache, we are here to facilitate you all with the “Quick Start Admin” which is an

online project management software

. By using this

online project tracking software

, the users will be able to track the actual status of the project and they will be able to instantly taking suitable steps for the on-time completion of each individual project.

We are the leaders in small as well as

enterprise project management software development

. We are having a wide variety of

custom project management system developers

that personally monitors each individual project to take it to produce the most effective end results without crossing the budget range of a client. The

collaborative project management software development services

provided by us to our clients are out of the box, this all has become possible, just because, we have never adopted the unfair means of building our business, we always tried our best to produce the most satisfactory and pocket friendly outputs.

Project information

QuickStart admin allows you to add multiple projects for a single client. So you can manage any number of projects here.
General Information: You can manage general information for project like project name, client, project manager name, start date, due date etc.
Contract Information: Project’s contract type, contract amount can be managed here.
Billing Information: Billing frequency, invoice number, bill currency can be managed here.

project management software

Project Forecasting

QuickStart admin enables you to create a project’s break-down structure, to manage project at smallest unit of work. It makes easy to manage project hierarchy.

project management system

Project Allocation

Manager/Supervisor can allocate project divided modules/task to team members, and can determine the status.

project management application

Best Project Management Web Application - Collaborative Project Management Software - Project Management Tracking Software

Since it is not possible for every business owner to hire an in-house

custom project management software developer

for redirecting their project on the path to greater success. No need to hire an in-house developer, we know your requirements that are needed for the upliftment of your business. We have already developed a

project management tracking software

that will help in tracking your project real-time status as well as the complete plan of both current as well as future steps that are about to be taken until the completion of the project.

We are the specialist in

custom project management software, application development

, so the clients who are looking to

outsource custom project management system development

, then they can lend their hand to our experts that will develop the custom software as per their requirements and additional hi-tech features.