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Medical Practice Management Software

Businesses can efficiently manage their HR department from a single dashboard. You can also track time, expenses, records, accounts payables, and receivables.

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Feature-Rich Medical Practice Management Software

QuickStart Admin is a

cloud-based medical practice management software

that boosts the productivity of your medical practice firm by automating the day-to-day operational tasks that can slow an office manager down. The suite is designed to deliver much more than medical billing function. QSA is an easy-to-use practice management software that streamlines your workflow and assists you to deliver seamless handoffs across departments.

The solution becomes your practice’s command center by delivering robust, real-time analytics through customizable reports generation, and its dashboards feature assists you to know how your medical practice is performing on the metrics that matter the most for you. The suite offers all the features you expect from a quality practice management solution without breaking the bank.

The solution is designed for managing all aspects of medical practice, from appointment scheduling to managing health records, billing, and staff management features along with the assistance of technical support at no extra cost.

Key Features of Online Medical Practice Management System

The insights about the unique and comprehensive feature make you feel about the smart choice you make by choosing QSA as your HR practice management software.
Advanced Technology

Health Record Management

The software allows the professionals to generate a medical profile of their patients with storing every crucial information like patient profile, medical history, line of treatment given to the patient, and diagnosed issue. As every detail matters to medical professionals and patients, therefore after in-depth research, the software is being equipped with the robust feature which assist the medical professionals in managing the records of their patients with ease and efficiency.


Appointment Scheduling

The online appointment scheduling feature allows the patients to easily schedule their appointments with the doctor using the QSA medical practice management software that too in on prior bases as per their convenience and doctor’s availability. Thus no overlapping is made in scheduling from both the parties.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Billing and Invoicing

We know the value of your patient’s time, and thus we make sure they don’t have to struggle with the chaotic task of billing by standing in the long queue. Our practice management software enables the staff of the medical team to generate a customized invoice as per the provided line of treatment. The payment gateway linked to the generated invoice makes the process of payment easy and hassle-free for the patients and staff members of your team.


Staff Management

The large medical practicing set-ups must check the efficiency of their staff members, along with keeping a real-time track of the performance. To ensure this task is undertaken effectively, the software solutions have the feature of staff management, where the user can check the efficiency, engagement, and competency of its staff members.